Saturday, 26 September 2015

Day eleven, relaxing, 26th September.

Start the day the Lobby way - two lovely lattes and a pain au chocolate.

After coffee, we took a steady stroll along Papadiamanti street and just absorbed the chilled atmosphere. No chill in the air though, it was a lovely, warm day. You can see a video of the street HERE  plus one of the infamous mopeds and motorbikes HERE.
We fancied walking to our favorite spot on the rocks. On the way we passed the Plakes restaurant. This was also on the list of places, but for now, it was closed.

The courtyard looks beautiful.

Their menu looked interesting too, with quite a lot more than the usual menus we'd seen in other places.

The ruined bar restaurant. We (and others we'd talked to) could not understand why this prime positioned place was in such disrepair, and why someone hadn't bought it and rejuvenated it. We'll never know, but I just think it looks the perfect place to make a killing as a restaurant. It even has it's own beach.

Sue watches yet another plane coming in. As you can see, the sky was quite overcast now.

The sun had gone in, so we started to walk back to town. On top of the rocks is one of the very many 'micro shrines' that we've seen. They really are EVERYWHERE. This is a close-up shot inside it.

I noticed a distinct line in the dirt below us. On closer inspectiuon, it was an ant track. We stopped to observe them. They are amazing creatures. You can see what they were up to by clicking  HERE

The sun was out again, but we could see heavy clouds coming in, so decided to make our way back.

As we walked up the road, we witnessed a magical moment. An old man was serenading his wife from the chair next to the fence. A neighbour was listening, along with us. No, he wasn't X factor material, but the passion and the simple act were very moving. You can hear him singing HERE

With thunder rolling, and the odd flash of lightning, we made for the shelter of a bar. We JUST got there, when there was the most almighty CRACK! of thunder, and the rain started.....
You can see a video of it HERE and HERE

The barmen were running around, gathering up the cushions that were getting soaked in the deluge. We sat and patiently waited, assisted by a couple of drinks. It abated quite soon, and we were able to walk into town, have a meal, and take the water taxi back to our hotel.

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