Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day four - Kanapitsa peninsula & Koutsouri beach, 19th September.

Before we came away, Sue bought a book all about Skiathos written by a local walker, Ortwin Widmann. It gave us lots of ideas, but the first we explored was the small peninsula beyond our hotel, the Kanapitsa peninsula. His description of the good views became apparent very early on. This is looking back to the local beaches s (Kanapitsa foreground, Tzanaria behind).

Views opened up more, the more we gained height, and we could see right across the main bay toi Skiathos town.

Lots of insect subjects for me to practice my camera work on.
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They were good enough to pose.
Before 'hopping off'.

We rounded a bend, and saw this tiny beach below us. It was described in the guide book (Koutsouri), but the way down wasn't detailed.

So, the only thing for it was to try and find one for ourselves!
We bushwhacked through the scrub, clambering here and there on the loose path.

After quite a steep scramble (we found out there was an easier way when we returned later in the day), we reached the tiny, sandy beach. Only about six people on it. A right little sun trap it was too, and the water was again good to swim in.

We spent a few hours swimming and just catching the sun before making our way back up to the top of the cliffs to continue the walk. This was prompted by the arrival of a boat full of people. The skipper had a radio, or some kind of sound system on, blaring out and totally destroying the calm of the place.
There was a lot of nude/semi nude bathing going on, but as the boat disgorged it's passengers, most covered up, or went.

As we rounded the headland, we came upon more villas. 

Some of the gardens were like professional ones - so well planted and maintained.

Of course, all that sunshine made us thirsty, so a cold beer was in order.

As it was on the way, we stopped for a drink at a place on our 'tick list' - info' given to us by people who'd been to the island before us. It was called the Hermes restaurant.

We then went back to the hotel to change, and returned to Hermes later to eat. As always, great food. We tried our first lamb kleftiko, a specialist local dish. It's unusual for us to choose the same dish, as we nearly always share, but we both wanted the full Monty on this one.