Friday, 18 September 2015

Day three - Aselinos beach, 18th September.

Today we boarded the infamous 'sardine express', one of the four buses that goes from one end of the road to the other, stop one to stop 24 (Skiathos town to Koukounaries. We were at stop 12 (Tzaneria/Kanapitsa), but today we got off at stop 18, Troulos. We intended to walk the 45 minutes to Aselinos beach.

On the way, we were grateful for patches of shade, as the sun really had got his hat on, nudging up towards 30C. On the way, we passed some impressive prickly paw cacti, the fruit of which looked ripe.
And some delicate-looking flowers in the shade, the cyclamen.

This was one perfect beach! At this time of the year, quiet, relaxed, and still very hot and sunny. 

Time to chill out. My book choice this holiday was 'Martian'. 
We've since seen the film.

Not what you'd call crowded, eh?

The sand here was fine and hot! The water was warm and inviting, and the food, like anywhere on this island, no matter how simple-looking the cafe or restaurant, was amazing.

I just LOVE these roofs of bamboo stems!

A shack, but don't let looks deceive you, the food and drink were of the highest standard, all served with a smile, and at a reasonable price.

As we reclined and dozed, the sound of clanking bells brought us back to reality. GOATS!! This must happen at this time every day, but as it was our first time, it was a novelty!

They mooched around a bit, exploring here and there, as goats do, until moved on by the goatherd

He drove them up this steep slope, we know not why? He does this every day - he must be one fit guy!

After a long beach day, we made our way back to the hotel, showered, and went into Skiatos town again. We feasted on fried, stuffed squid and swordfish, again such lovely food. We caught an earlier bus home, all this relaxing was very hard going - a bit more reading, then off to bed. ;-)


  1. Fresh goat - my favourite BBQ. Following in the footsteps of Rick Stein and his small crew of TV men.

  2. Yeah Gringo, the live stuff stinks, but the cooked stuff - mmm, MMM! 😋

  3. the pope a Catholic? 😃

  4. Great writeup as ever. Thanks!