Sunday, 27 September 2015

Last days - Goodbye, Skiathos, 27th/28th September.


Awoke to a clearing morning. No car, so the plan today was local swimming, sunning, and generally taking it easy.

Although we had our 'own' beach, we walked over and round to the next beach, which bore our hotel's name - Kanapitsa. This is looking back to ours - Tzaneria.

These apartments caught our eye, they hold a great position on top of the cliffs, but of course, it was much further from the bus stop!
Swings and roundabouts.

The beach was mostly deserted. We lay on two sunbeds, and they didn't even bother to collect the money. You could tangibly feel the place winding down.
 We did some swimming and sunning - as I said, lazy day.

After a couple of hours and cocktails, we caught the water taxi. 
We were amused by the drivers tee shirt! 

After we landed, we climbed again, up above the harbours.
This is the Bourtzoi cafe.

The new harbour jetty where the bigger ferries land.

Across town to our favourite rocks.

A panorama of Skiathos town - click on it to enlarge.

Soon, we reached the top, and the clock tower.

 Good views from here, and another tourist kindly took our picture.

We dropped back into town and had the most amazing 'burger' at the lobby. It was a stack of art, no other way to describe it. I was JUST going to take a picture, when Sue decided to adjust it for a better shot. It collapsed!
Still, that didn't impair the flavour at all :-)

Some of the transport we saw looked as if it was coming to the end of it's useful life.

We came back to the harbour for one last cocktail. We watched a local guy fishing, another painting his boat, generally just meandering around, a bit subdued, knowing it was our last day.
A Tom Collins and a Pina Collada helped to soften the mood.

We managed to get a last swim in later on to work up an appetite.

 A last meader up Papadiamanti street later in the evening, and the tell-tale signs that this was it - the end of the season - the last day. Shops and bars were closing early, and signs saying 'last day of sale'. All the hallmarks of another holiday year being over. Sad really.

Sue & I had our 'last supper' - I had beef and mushrooms in a sort of tagine, Sue had the lamb stifado. Again, delicious. 

We walked back to the bus stop under a romantic full moon, with it's beams glinting across the sea. 
This isn't a good picture, but it was a magical end to a wonderful holiday.

At breakfast, we were one of only three rooms left in the hotel.
 All that was left was to pack, and leave this lovely island.

It was SO lovely, even our shadows fell in love.

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